Uncommon tips for Adelaide strippers

Uncommon tips for Adelaide strippers

Are you looking to know how to treat customers? Knowing how to treat customers will make you one of the best strippers Adelaide has. 

After years of dancing all across the world, I’ve compiled a list of important considerations that the aspiring strippers Adelaide has can leverage on. I routinely generate decent money, and I feel some of these suggestions contribute to that. Sit up and take in my advice on how to become the wealthiest hoe you can be.

First and foremost, shop around!

I recall when I first started stripping, I would choose one place that had decent recommendations and just attend to that bar. Seriously, do your homework, try out a few other clubs in the neighborhood, or even travel and perform guest appearances! One club may be ideal for one female, but it may not be ideal for you. Remember, you’re a company! Don’t feel obligated to continue with one club out of loyalty; your commitment should always be to earn the most money at a place where you feel comfortable and secure! It’s good to mix things up now and again. visit at https://theflashinglights.com.au/ to read more about strippers Adelaide.

Number 2 – Never approach a consumer with the expectation of being turned down.

I know, I know, it’s tough on evenings when you’re continuously rejected, even when you’re dressed to impress, but don’t approach clients with the expectation that they’ll say no; instead, take 5 and start over. Confidence and vigor radiate!! To have a wonderful night, all it takes is one good customer. Have you ever seen how the same girls keep destroying it night after night? It’s because they’re more concerned with money than with rejection. Remember that he paid to get admitted to the club for a purpose, and that purpose is you! To see you in your underwear and spend money on you.

Number 3 – Set financial objectives and write them down. 

I’m terrible at this, so I shouldn’t be preaching, but there are times when I set myself targets and goals. I’ve noticed that I’m lot more motivated. I remember dancing in New Zealand for a long time and getting into a rut… now that I think about it, I know why: I was just saving for the purpose of watching my bank account increase, with no clear money milestones or goals to keep me motivated. Write down weekly money goals, or a list of items you want to buy or locations you want to visit, and see how your motivation shifts. Every money you earn will help you get closer to your objectives!!

Manifest, Manifest

This is simply a personal belief, but I assure it will benefit you much! In our field of business, I believe that calming yourself down and actually employing your own energy to achieve your goals is quite beneficial. There is no doubt that stripping is difficult!! Just keep in mind why you do it and all of the perks that come with it; a little gratitude goes a long way. I use 3 minute relaxing applications on my phone and listen to a lot of Wayne Dyer on YouTube just before work to bring me present and remember who the heck I am and how much money I’m going to make.

Working smarter, not harder, is number five.

This is my final point, which I was completely unaware of when I was a baby stripper. I figured that the more time I spent in the club and the more nights I worked, the more money I’d make? However, I believe that working fewer evenings is far more advantageous. Speaking/listening to males and being enthusiastic all of the time is mentally tiring (really, we don’t get paid enough). I do believe, however, that when I only commit to 2/3 nights, I actually attempt to smash those shifts; I have the energy and I am psychologically more dedicated since I know I only have that few shifts to meet my goal. Trust me, give it a shot and see how it goes!

I hope these tips are useful to you, women; we all deserve to go out and kill it, but as the industry becomes more competitive, we need all the support we can get. I want to offer more detailed information on how to optimize earnings at work, as well as information on prior clubs where I’ve worked and, of course, some wild job-related anecdotes! Be safe, fearless, and wealthy.

Uncommon tips for Adelaide strippers

Part Two: Who Strippers Tip and How Strippers Get Paid

Unlike restaurant staff, who are paid below minimum wage in 43 of the 50 US states, tips do not account for the majority of strippers’ earnings. Tips, on the other hand, are the only funds that are genuinely ours and ours alone.

I got the most tips from clients when I asked them if they were contractors and stated that the club was dividing dancing costs with me. Men would sometimes just open their wallets and feel compelled to tip me even though we hadn’t had that chat. That money was always mine to retain, just as the money made on stage, and no one else in the club had any right to it.

I worked with a lot of dancers that had strong feelings about consumers tipping them. Some people believed that tipping should be done at the end of every dance exchange, regardless of the circumstance or overall cost, even if we were previously paid in full for the dance. I never expressed this viewpoint since I continue to believe that tips are always optional. The only time I was airborne was when I demanded a gratuity from a man who had been so abusive with me during a dance that he was bouncing me on his knee like a newborn baby. The only reason I didn’t fall was because his fingers were driving into my thighs with such ferocity, and he made sure my pelvic bone made a hard collision with his leg on my way down. That gentleman owes me the entire contents of his wallet.

Customer tips to dancers may dramatically influence our income, but I always saw them as a pleasant surprise rather than expected cash. Or, perhaps more properly, it may act as a replacement for the mandatory tip-out that I was required to pass on to my support personnel.

Strippers tip on dance numbers in the same way as restaurant waiters tip on sales figures. It was common to tip your support personnel $1 every dance in the Los Angeles strip clubs where I worked. During the 2008 recession, a good daytime shift might have me performing 15 dances, while a spectacular night shift would have me performing 40 or more. (As a point of reference, seasoned strippers thought such figures were appalling.